In-depth conversations with business school professors matched with real-world experience from entrepreneurs.

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198: Catherine Kaputa: The Brand of You
191. Allen Mendenhall: Putting Humanness and Ethics Back Into Business Economics
189. James Kent: Carving A Differentiated Growth Space In A Well-Established Market
188. Jordan Lams on Finding and Patiently Developing Your Entrepreneurial Focus
184. Rick West: When B2B Goes Click-To-Cart
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #176 Featuring Peter Lewin and Steven Phelan
176. Peter Lewin and Steven Phelan: How Do Entrepreneurs Calculate Economic Value Added? Subjectively.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #173 Featuring René Rodriguez
173. Rene Rodriguez: Unleashing Voluntary Energy Via Influence
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #161 Featuring Connie Whitman
161. Connie Whitman: Turning Experience Into An Intellectual Property Business
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #159 Featuring Rory Sutherland
159. Rory Sutherland: An Austrian School of Marketing
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #149 Featuring Victor Chor
149: Victor Chor: The Journey From Flipping to Global High-Tech Brand Building
145. Christopher Habig: How Understanding Subjective Value Will Revolutionize the Medical Care Industry
143: Per Bylund: How Austrian Entrepreneurs Succeed
141. Bharat Kanodia: How Subjective Value Generates Valuation In Business
136. Max Hillebrand on Free Software Entrepreneurship with Bitcoin
130. Eamonn Butler’s Primer on Entrepreneurship and Its Social Good
126. Joe Matarese Defines a Whole New Level of Customer Value to Build a High Growth Service Firm
124. Irene Ng: Designing New Consumer Experiences in the Era of IoT
122. Andrew Frazier on Running Your Business
121. Bill Sanders: How Creative Conflict Expands the Value Pie
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #95 Featuring Martin Lünendonk
95. Martin Lünendonk: How To Make The Customer Your Boss
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #90 Featuring Per Bylund
90. Per Bylund On A New Austrian Business Paradigm: Facilitation Of Value
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #88 Featuring David. K Hurst
88. David K. Hurst: Managing People-As-Ends and not People-As-Means.
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #71 Featuring Sanjay Yadav
71. Sanjay Yadav on the Process-Based Skills of Negotiation
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #65 Featuring Trini Amador of BHC Consulting
67. Trini Amador: The Business Tools to Shift Customer Behavior in Your Favor
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #60
60. Rory Sutherland: How The Austrian Approach Helps Entrepreneurs Multiply Value. It’s Alchemy.
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #52
52. Mark Schaefer: The Future of Marketing Is Austrian – How Human-Centered Marketing Can Fix A Business Function That Has Lost Its Way.
Chris Casey Episode Cover
48. Chris Casey’s Journey To A Distinctively Austrian Financial Services Business
32. James Beardsley: Seeing the Business World More Clearly
30. Trini Amador on Brand Building
29. Per Bylund on the Critical Importance of Executional Excellence and How To Achieve It
26. Per Bylund on the Entrepreneurial Opportunity of B2B versus B2C
15. Jeremy Vesta On How To Create Differentiated Value In Seemingly Undifferentiated Markets.
13. Per Bylund on Subjective Value
2. Trini Amador on the Role of Values in Business